Sep 26 • 38M

Episode 1: Archie Norman

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Graham Ruddick
A second look at big business stories from the past
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Welcome to Business Studies, a podcast that takes a second look at business stories from the past and asks: did these stories happen the way we think they did and what can we learn from them today?

In the first episode we speak to one of the most influential figures in British business over the last 40 years about his efforts to modernise Marks & Spencer, the 138-year-old high street brand, and his own illustrious career. Why does Archie Norman think M&S had a “manifesto for failure” and could collapse within a decade? Why does he now question whether selling Asda to Walmart was right decision? What was it like being an MP? Why did so many businessmen and women thrive while working under him and go on to successful careers? Find out all of that and more…